Chinon CX

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The CX is a Japanese 35mm SLR with 42mm screw lenses, introduced by Chinon in 1974. It is a development of the Chinon CM.

In this model, stop down metering is activated by pressing down on a slider alongside the lens mount (in the followup CX II, it is activated by pressing the shutter release halfway). The CX features a battery check button with an indicator lamp above the round viewfinder eyepiece. There is a tab in front of the film-advance lever to disengage film transport while winding the shutter, enabling multiple exposures.

The CX was sold in the USA by GAF as the L-CX, and by Foto-Quelle as the Revueflex 2000 CL (chrome) and Revueflex 3000 SL (black).