GAF Memo 35 EE

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The GAF Memo 35 EE is a 35mm rangefinder camera branded by GAF, from about 1975. It is basically the same as the Chinon 35EE. It is also similar to the Vivitar 35ES and was also rebranded by Dixons in the UK as the Prinz 35EE, with all of them being based on the Konica 35 and Minolta Hi-Matic series. It was built either by Chinon or Cosina (although it appears more likely to have been built by Chinon as the lens is clearly branded "Chinon". The GAF Point Five is a variant with small cosmetic differences, as is the GAF Memo 35 ET.


  • Lens: 38mm f/2.7, 4 elements in 3 groups
  • Shutter: Programmed 1/30-1/650s, B, self-timer, and fixed 1/25s for flash