GAF Anscomatic Cadet

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The name GAF superseded "Ansco" as the company's camera brand in 1967. After Kodak's Instamatic series proved highly successful, offering easy-loading 126 film cartridges, GAF introduced its own simple 126 models, such as the GAF Anscomatic Cadet. This camera has a fixed focus lens, and a Bright/Cloudy aperture switch as its only exposure control. A two-pin flashbulb holder could be fitted to to the top of the camera.

A similar camera but substituting a socket for flashcubes is the GAF Anscomatic 126. Ansco had previously used the Cadet name on an unrelated camera for 127 rollfilm. There is also a GAF Anscomatic Cadet Flash, which despite also using 126 cartridges is a differently-styled model.