Chinon CE II Memotron

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The CE II Memotron is a 35mm SLR camera from Chinon of Japan and released in 1976. It was a successor to the previous CE Memotron sold two years prior. A viewfinder eyepiece blind was added, and now the battery check works whenever the camera is set on "auto" by lighting a green LED under the eyepiece at each half-press of the shutter release. This reflects the dependence of the shutter on power from the largish 6 volt silver-oxide battery, without which only the 1/90 of a second "X" speed functions.

It was also sold by GAF as the GAF L-ES/2, by Foto-Quelle as the Revueflex 5000 EE; and in a very restyled form also as the Revueflex 5005 and Revueflex 4004. For Porst it was sold as the Porst Reflex M-CE. A year later, the Chinon CE-3 Memotron in 1977 was introduced.