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|} The Z-1p (aka PZ-1p) is a high-end 35mm SLR with autofocus introduced by Pentax in 1995. It was the flagship camera for Pentax until the introduction of the MZ-S in 2001. It is a well laid-out camera, with 2 wheels which can be used to select most functions. The Z1-p extended the KAF2 mont by adding power-zoom support; while maintaining compatibility with lenses with earlier versions of the K-mount:

  • KAF lenses support almost all features of the camera except powered zoom and related functions.
  • KA lenses can be mounted with the 'AF Adapter 1.7X' and will then support autofocus, provided they are f/2.8 or wider. Without the adapter they do not support autofocus, but the Focus Indicator (FI) feature can still be used (with lenses of f/5.6 or wider). Shutter-priority AE and programmed AE modes can all be used.
  • Manual-aperture K mount lenses can be mounted with AF Adapter K, or use the FI feature as above. They do not support shutter-priority AE or the programmed AE modes, but can be used for aperture-priority AE and in manual exposure.
  • 42mm screw-mount lenses can be mounted using 'Mount Adapter K'. The FI feature can be used if the lens aperture is wide enough. Aperture-priority AE and manual exposure are possible.


  • Format 24x36mm and panorama 13x36mm
  • Lens Mount: KAF2
  • Focus: SAFOX II AF with sensitivity from -1 to 18 EV
  • Meter: SPD photocell with average, evaluative and spot modes
  • Exposure Modes: HyM, M, P
    K and M Lenses: spot
    A, F, and FA Lenses: 6-segment in P mode, spot: in M and HyM modes.
  • Exposure compensation: +/-4 EV in 1/2 or 1/3 step
  • Metering range: 0 to 21 EV
  • Film speed: Auto DX; 6 to 6400 ASA
  • Shutter: Electronic; shutter speeds from 30s to 1/8000, B
    • 2s mirror prefire avialable
    • Remote control E and F
    • Motorized film advance, up to 4fps
    • Multiple exposures
  • Viewfinder: 0.80 x [92%], with shutter and aperture LED
    • Interchangeable screens
  • Flash: Built-In; GN: 14
  • Flash Synch: 1/250
  • Power: 1x 6V 2CR5 battery
  • Self Timer: 12 seconds
  • Dimensions: 152 x 95.5 x 74 mm
  • Weight: 650 g
  • Accessories
    • Fitting Case(s) soft case: Fd(s), soft case: Fd(m),soft case: Fd(l)
    • FTP grip-strap.


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