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Jupiter Lenses

Jupiter (Cyrillic: ЮПИТЕР) is a name used on lenses produced in the Soviet Union, most of which had design derived from Zeiss Sonnar


This is a work in progress.
Name Focal Length   Aperture   Blades Mount Manufacturer
Jupiter-3 51mm f1.5 14 M39, Kiev/Contax KMZ 1954-1956, ZOMZ 1956~1970
Jupiter-6 180mm f2.8 42mm KMZ
Jupiter-8 50mm f2 8 M39, Kiev/Contax KMZ, LZOS
Jupiter-9 85mm f2 42mm, M39, Kiev/Contax LZOS
Jupiter-11 135mm f4 12 M39, Kiev/Contax KOMZ
Jupiter-12 35mm f2.8 5 M39, Kiev/Contax KMZ 1950-1960, LZOS 1960-
Jupiter 21 M 200mm f4 42mm VOMZ
Jupiter 25 TS 85mm f2.8 42mm
Jupiter 37A 135mm f3.5 42mm KOMZ
Jupiter 38 75mm f4 42mm LOMO


The M39-screw version of the Jupiter 12 is one of the few lenses in this fitting that can't be adapted to mirrorless cameras with sensors smaller than full frame - the rear element was designed to protrude close to the film, and fouls against the sensor surround on Micro Four Thirds and Sony_NEX cameras with APS-C sensors. It would also give problems with Corfield Periflex cameras, which used the standard M39 mount but had a focusing periscope between the lens and the film.