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LZOS (Лыткаринский завод Оптического Стекла , Lytkarino Zavod Optychisovo Sticklo) is an optical factory in Lytkarino, in the Moscow Oblast of Russia. It was at one time part of the same production unit as KMZ, and made lenses for KMZ Zenit and Zorki cameras. However, photographic lenses were only ever a small part of the work of the factory. Much of this was military; the present-day company website mentions searchlight mirrors and tank periscopes as early products. more recently, large telescope mirrors are among the factory's products, and its most recent photographic lenses include Rubinar mirror telephoto lenses.

Camera lenses:

  • Industar-50 50 mm f/3.5 (standard lens on the Zenit S)
  • Industar 61 L/Z (standard lens on the FED 3 and FED 4 rangefinders)
  • Jupiter-9 85 mm f/2, for Zenit and Zorki
  • Jupiter-12 2.8/35mm (made for KMZ[1])
  • MC MTO-11CA 1:10/1000mm
  • Mir 47-M 20 mm f/2.5 ultra-wide angle lens in M42 mount
  • Zenitar 16 mm f/2.8 ultra-wide angle lens in M42 mount


  1. Jupiter 12 at Matt Denton's Classic Camera Collection


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