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KOMZ (Kazanskii Optiko-Mekhanicheskii Zavod / Kazan Optical-Mechanical Factory),[1] is a manufacturer of optical products for military and scientific purposes. The company is based in Kazan, Republic Tatarstan, Russia. Among others, the company makes the following cameras (in 2010):[2]

Gun cameras[3]

  • AKS-5M-50
  • AKS-5M-50 OS
  • AKS-5M-75-OS
  • FKP-2AV
  • S-13A designed in 1949 and still being produced

Oscilloscope Cameras [4]

  • PAU-473-1M takes still and motion pictures of indicator screens
  • PAU-486 radar /osciloscope camera (manual only)
  • PAU-486-1 radar /osciloscope camera (manual and automatic modes)[5]
  • PAU-487 radar /osciloscope camera

Surveillance/in-flight Monitoring[6]

  • PAU-476A used to record the instrument panel of the pilot
  • FKP-Eu photographs the pilot's view (still or motion) as well as the parameters indicated on the head up display (still only)

Aerial & reconnaissance cameras[7]

Still Photo Cameras

  • A-39S-M daylight photoreconnaissance and bombing-damage assessment missions. It is used from an altitude of 200 to 5,000 m at a flying speed of 600 to 1,400 km/
  • M-167 for automated daylight photography from low altitudes
  • UA-47A for night photography illuminated by photo flash-cartridges

Motion Cameras[8] -->

  • AKS-2A capable of 24-28 frames/sec intended for aerial photography of ground-based objects for the purpose of photo-reconnaissance and control of the results of the bombing. Uses 60m rolls of 35mm film (negatives 16x22mm). Camera has three exchangeable lenses (35 mm; 50mm; 135mm) and comes as both a hand held unit and one that can be mounted into the airframe.
  • AKS-96 capable of 96 frames/sec
  • KSS-453 capable of 250 to 3000 frames/sec

Civilian Production

In addition, KOMZ produces a small range of lenses and other optical products (eg binoculars) for the civilian market.[9]

Camera lenses



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