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The Zorki 5 is a Russian 35mm rangefinder camera, made by KMZ between 1958 and 1959. There are two versions of the Zorki 5. The first version has a square rangefinder window and the name is stamped in red on the front. The second version has a round rangefinder window and the name is on a plate attached to the body.

The camera is based on a Zorki 2S but has these new features:

  • A longer rangefinder base for more accurate focusing
  • A combined viewfinder and rangefinder window, and an adjustable diopter.
  • Film is advanced with a lever instead of knob, the body is stepped to try and keep the lever design compact
  • There are two flash sync sockets, X and M, and a cold shoe.

The frame counter and shutter release are both on the film advance lever, the counter must be reset manually when changing films. The standard lenses offered with the camera were the rigid or collapsible Industar-50. The tripod collar is 3/8" unlike the standard 1/4" for modern 35mm cameras, adapters are still widely made.

The Zorki 5 is still loaded through the bottom of the camera (fixed on the Zorki 6), requiring the film tongue to be cut to make it longer. It lacks the self timer of the 2-S it is based on. The camera can also be damaged if the shutter is tripped, or cocked with no lens mounted on the body and should this be avoided.

Unlike other FED or Zorki, the Zorki-5 (and Zorki-6) will allow shutter speeds to be changed before or after cocking the shutter without damaging the mechanism. A rotating index mark is even provided on the shutter dial which will allow the proper speed value to be set even if the shutter isn't cocked. Changing shutter speeds without cocking will damage Zorki or FED cameras with slow shutter speed mechanisms.


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