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The Industar-50 was a 50mm f3.5 lens, derived from Zeiss's Tessar 4-element lens with a 45º image angle.[1] It was nicknamed the "Eagle's eye". Its brand name Industar was used for all similar 4-element/3-group lens constructions of the whole soviet photo-optical industry.

The most common variant of the Industar-50 was a screw-mount lens for 35mm rangefinder cameras. The lenses were made since 1959 by KMZ, mainly as M39 39mm screw-mount standard lens for the Zorki camera series. Older variants (ancient Leica lens style) were made by LZOS. An M42 variant Industar-50-2 for SLRs was available. This variant is popular for use as pancake lens on modern SLR bodies by means of an M42 screw-mount adapter.

It also found use in the FT-2 Panorama camera.

Optical formula

17.1 2.7 LZ_TK14 
inf 4.16 AIR
-33.57 1.05 LZ_LF5 
14.56 5.05 AIR
346.8 1.2 LZ_OF1 
15.0 4.7 LZ_TK14 

Notes and References

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