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The Zorki-35M full-frame 35mm coupled rangefinder camera was a project undertaken by KMZ designer N. Marienkov during the late 1960's (the "M" is his signature ... he also designed the Zorki 3M and the Zenit 3M). It was based on the body of the Zenit E and some of the advanced design features of the Zenit D, but as a rangefinder camera. It was to feature luminous frames in the viewfinder for 50mm and 85mm lenses, with the entire field of the viewfinder corresponding to that of a 35mm lens. Other advances included automatic parallax compensation, speeds from 1 to 1/1000 sec. and a modern body design. It was likely an attempt to make an updated alternative for the then aging Zorki 4. At least two hand-built prototypes of this camera are known to exist and the KMZ archives list it as a "project". It was never produced in series.


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