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Photography supply industry in Milano, Italia
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There is also a box camera named Filma by Thornton-Pickard.
There is also a box camera named Filma by Kapol in Poland.

Filma was a camera maker in Milan in the mid-1930s, apparently started by Antonio Bencini after he left FIAMMA.source needed The Filma company is known only for two models of the Filma camera, a moulded resin-plastic box camera made in sizes for 4x6.5 cm on 127 film,[1] and 6x9 cm on 120 film.[2] The camera resembles the Bilora Boy somewhat, but has a reflex viewfinder instead of the Boy's tubular one, and fabric covering on the top and sides. It has a simple guillotine shutter and an achromatic lens, with aperture selectable for f/7.5 or f/11 (presumably an aperture plate with two openings).


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