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Lamperti and Garbagnati was a camera maker in Milan in the late nineteenth century,[1][2] and the early twentieth. The firm was started in 1883 by engineer Edoardo Lamperti and photographic goods-dealer Garbagnati, who took over a small existing photographic business. The firm's products were at first professional cameras. Later, cameras for amateurs were also made, including detective cameras. The company also retailed goods made by other makers (Storia della Fotografia states that they were the Italian distributor for Taylor and Hobson[1]).


Photography supply industry in Milano, Italia
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  • Field cameras[3]
  • Wet-plate studio cameras, as pictured here. McKeown lists an 18x18 cm camera;[2] a 24x24 cm camera was sold at Westlicht.[4]
  • Falling-plate detective camera[5]
  • Spiegamento Rapido; horizontal folding camera for 9x14 cm plates.[2]
  • Aerial camera for 24 plates in a magazine; about 1919 (the French patent[6] is the only evidence seen that this camera was made.)


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