Filma (Thornton-Pickard)

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There is also a bakelite box camera named Filma, made in two sizes by the Italian maker of the same name.

The Filma is a box camera for 2¼x3¼-inch exposures on 120 film, made by Thornton-Pickard from about 1912.[1] It is wooden-bodied, with black leatherette covering, and has brilliant finders for vertical and horizontal orientation. It appears to have a single-speed shutter and no aperture control. 'T-P Filma' is impressed in the leather handle on top.[1]

The notes at Wood and Brass state that for the first year of its produciton, the camera was made with a metal strip running the full length of the body, which serves simply to hold the back on.[1] This was replaced in later cameras with more usual catches.