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Photography supply industry in Milano, Italia
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G.P.M. (Guiseppe Pozzoli Milano) is known for just one camera, the Fotonesa, made around the end of the Second World War. It is a subminiature viewfinder camera making 20mm-square pictures. It has a Frontal Periscop 31mm f/8.8 lens and I&B shutter. The body of the camera is made from Bakelite, with metal control parts. It has a galilean viewfinder on the top. It is very similar to the metal-bodied Sida and bakelite Sida Extra made by Sida in Germany, and the bakelite Sidax made in Paris by Kafta, except that these all make 25mm pictures. The Fotonesa also has a larger, round lens-tube. Notes on the camera at submin.com state that it was sold in several colours[1] At least some examples of the camera have 'Nesa' embossed as a logo on the back; perhaps because the camera is a Milanesa.

G.P.M. also produced or marketed the bakelite version of the German Sida camera for Italy, holding the official brevetto Italiano 325655 (Italian patent)[2].


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