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photography related industry in Rochester (New York)
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and in Rochester (Minnesota)
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"Optical industry in Rochester (N.Y.)"


Century Camera Co. was founded in 1900 by three former employees of Rochester Optical Co..

The company achieved a high quality of its plate cameras, so that it had a 25% market share in 1902.

In 1903 Kodak purchased Century. In 1904 Century introduced its remarkable revolving back for plate cameras.

In 1905, the company purchased the Rochester Panoramic Camera Co..

In 1907/08 the company became Kodak's Century Camera Division which itself later became part of Kodak's Folmer & Schwing Division , and continued the brand Century until 1920.


Maybe the company continued the Poco for a while.


The development of the Cirkut Cameras and camera backs for panorama photography was taken over from Rochester Panoramic Camera Co. Cirkut panorama film backs were available for Century cameras.