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The first Cirkut panorama camera was developed by Rochester Panoramic Camera Co. until 1904 and produced since 1905. Century Co. of Rochester soon became owner of the camera maker. Thus beside the original Cirkut some Century Cameras equipped with Cirkut panorama film back may have been marketed since then as Cirkut cameras. Kodak became owner of Century. Thus most Cirkut cameras are badged as product of Kodak's Folmer & Schwing Division, and the large Cirkut roll film cartridges were product of Eastman Kodak.

The Cirkut cameras are used on special tripod with full rotation facility for the panorama cameras, thus making them true 360° panorama shooters. During exposure the film from the special film roll advances continously through the camera's narrow imaging frame area. The camera type number No. 5, No. 6, No. 8, No. 10, or No. 16 indicated the maximum width (in inches) of film exposable with the camera. Film length was up to 18 inches, more than two square metres image size was achievable with one of the bigger camera models.