Revueflex 3003

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The Revueflex 3003 is one of a series of SLRs made by Chinon but distinctively restyled for private-label sale. Foto-Quelle offered this model and its silver counterpart the Revueflex 2002; the Revueflex 1001 is a simpler variant lacking their battery check or multiple exposure option. (For autoexposure, there was the Reviewflex 4004 and 50005.)

The 2002/3003 use stop down metering activated by a halfway press on the shutter release. These models derive from the Chinon CX II (not the earlier CX whose meter switch is a slider beside the lens mount).

The camera uses the PX625 battery to operate the lightmeter. Its main features are:

The German photo-retailer Foto-Quelle sold a complete line of accessories for these cameras. Rebadged Chinon models with this same restyling were sold in the US as the Argus CR-2.