Revueflex 1001

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The Revueflex 1001 is a basic stopdown-metering 35mm SLR rebranded and distributed by Foto-Quelle in Germany. The camera was manufactured in Japan by Chinon and was introduced in 1976. The Revueflex 1001 accepts all M42 lenses but was sold with a budget Auto Revuetar 1:2.8 f=50mm.

There does not seem to be an exact Chinon model which corresponds to this Revueflex 1001, but the main characteristics are very similar to the CX II. The Revueflex 2002 & 3003 are very like the 1001 but add a battery check and a lever permitting multiple exposures. There is an extended family of Chinon-built models with similar styling intended for private-label sale—e.g. the Argus CR-1 (the 1001's near-exact twin), or the autoexposure Revueflex 5005.

The CdS lightmeter is of the TTL type and is powered by a battery located in the bottom plate. The result of the metering is shown on the right side in the viewfinder by a needle which should be positioned between the plus and minus signs for correct exposure. Film speeds can be set from ASA 10 - 1600 (DIN 11 - 33) and shutter speeds range from 1s to 1/1000s plus B.

Besides the hotshoe the camera is also fitted with two flash cable connections for both X and M flash synchonisation. The mechanical self timer is located at the front of the body and the shutter release button can be locked by turning its base to a position marked L at the top plate of the camera body.