Argus CR-1

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An SLR with a uniquely bulbous "forehead," the CR-1 was marketed under the Argus brand at the point when all its models were sourced from overseas OEMs. This model seems to have come from Chinon as it's very similar to the CX II (although lacking the battery check) and a number of the same graphics appear in the two cameras' owners manuals. Appearances aside, this is a fairly conventional stop down metering model accepting 42mm screw lenses.

Partially depressing the shutter release closes the aperture and activates the exposure meter, where the user adjusts settings to center a needle in a bracket to the side of the viewfinder. Shutter speeds range from 1/1000 to 1 second with flash sync at 1/125. There is a hot shoe, mechanical self timer and a shutter lock.

The less common Argus CR-2 shares nearly all the same features and appearance, but is closer to the Chinon CX II as it includes the battery check and a tab under the wind lever to permit multiple exposures. An Argus CR-3E with autoexposure also exists.

This same restyled Chinon bodies were also was sold by Foto Quelle as the Revueflex 1001, and the 2002 & 3003.