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Ferrania, founded in 1923, was an Italian company known mainly as a producer of film, but they produced some cameras as well and were also involved in various other areas related to photography such as printing. 3M acquired the company in the 1964. The 3M brand and Scotch was most commonly used. Cine film was discontinued. By this time their films were mostly store branded films bearing "Made in Italy" as the only indication. In 1995, after 3M's restructuring its data-storage and imaging businesses became Imation, a couple of years later the film division was sold off and the Ferrania name returned. In 2006, Ferrania was restructured into Ferrania Technologies, which concentrated primarily on pharmaceutical products, and a solar panel division called Ferrania Solis. In October 2012, the company fired almost all of their employees, after they had already stopped film production in late 2009.

In 2013, the successor company Film Ferrania acquired Ferrania's old production machinery with the purpose to restart film production.

Photography supply industry in Milano, Italia
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Ferrania produced its Solaris colour negative film for the 135 (35mm) and APS film formats. It was often sold rebadged under different names, or as an in-house film. It was also sold under the Scotch or Imation branding when it was acquired by 3M. It was available at ASA 100, 200, 400 and 800 for 35mm and ASA 200 for APS and in other formats including 110 and 120 earlier. It was the last film available for the 126 format, in late 2007.


  • Ferrania Solaris FG100
  • Ferrania Solaris FG200
  • Ferrania Solaris FG400
  • Ferrania Solaris FG400i
  • Ferrania Solaris FG800
  • Ferrania Solaris FG800i
  • Ferrania Solaris FG Plus 100
  • Ferrania Solaris FG Plus 200
  • Ferrania Solaris FG Plus 400
  • Ferrania Solaris FG Plus 800
  • Imation Color HP100
  • Imation Color HP200
  • Imation Color HP400
  • Scotch Color 100 AT
  • Scotch Color 200 AT
  • Scotch Color 400 AT
  • Scotch Color 100 EXL
  • Scotch Color 200 EXL
  • Scotch Color 400 EXL


  • Imation Chrome 100
  • Imation Chrome 400
  • Imation Chrome 600T
  • Scotch Chrome 100
  • Scotch Chrome 400
  • Scotch Chrome 1000

Black and white

  • Ferrania Pancro (P30 film was continued by the company Film Ferrania)
  • Ferrania Superex Panchro