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Promaster is a brand name used by Photographic Research Organization,[1] earlier styled P•R•O or P.R.O. This is a American photographic accessory distributor known for lenses, filters, tripods, bags, memory cards, and lighting equipment. P•R•O products are sold through independent local stores, giving them access to a wide breadth of products and joint buying power.

The organization was founded in 1958 with six US east coast retailers joining forces.[2] Products branded P.R.O. in the 1960s[3] were most visibly advertised by Ritz Camera (in its days as a regional chain of just dozens of stores). However Promaster remained active after Ritz developed its own exclusive private-label brands, and later when the Ritz national chain entered bankruptcy. Promaster still exists as of 2023.



  • Promaster AF-1
  • Fuji Promaster DL-160



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