Meikai HC35

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The Meikai HC35 is (probably) the first one in a series of 35mm film cameras made by the Japanese company Tougodo.

Many things in these series, including the optics and the fake selenium cell, are similar to the Meikai EL series.
A big difference is the film transport. It has a thumbwheel on the back while the Meikai EL has a transport key on top. Also the frame counter is clearly different and much larger in diameter. Another notable difference is the tapering of the back which is with this series much stronger then with those in the Meikai EL series.

Also the Fodor C-35, a camera sold by Dutch wholesaler Fodor, is extremely similar as is the Revue HC35 sold by the German wholesaler Foto-Quelle.

Meikai HC35

It is a simple and cheap viewfinder camera with a 50mm fixed-focus lens. The aperture is controlled via a three-step ring (for bright light, medium light, poor light indicated by icons). It has only 1 shutter speed. The top- and bottom-covers are plain aluminum.

Meikai C35C

The Meikai C35C is another very similar camera and might be a follow-up of the Meikai HC35 as it has an newer looking model rewind knob[1]. The top- and bottom-covers are either plain aluminum or black finished.

Meikai FC

The Meikai FC seems to be the same camera[1] as the Meikai C35C but now with an even more luxuary chrome rewind knob.


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