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Fodor was a Dutch distributor of photographic equipment based in Rotterdam.[1] It was founded in the 1920s; they imported German and Japanese equipment from the 1950s,[1] some of which was rebranded under the Fodor name.

Rebadged cameras

rebadged camera original camera  made by
Fodor[2] Hexi Apparatebau und Kamerafabrik
Fodor Six Wester Atlasix Nishida
Fodorflex and Fodor B[3] Beautyflex models Taiyōdō
Fodorflex[4] Mananflex (unconfirmed)
Fodor Record Unknown model Tougodo (unconfirmed)
Fodor 35[5] Taron 35 Nippon Kōsokki
Fodor C-35 related to Meikai C35C and Meikai EL Tougodo
Fodor Novo Unknown model Unknown maker
Fodor 66[6] Fujita 66 Fujita
Fodor-Box[7] Vrede Box Vredeborch
Fodor-Box Synchrona[8] Vrede-Box Synchrona Vredeborch
Fodor Popular (TLR) unknown unknown


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