Meikai EL

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The Meikai EL was introduced in 1963, by Togodo, a minor Japanese camera manufacturer.

A simple and cheap viewfinder camera with a 50mm fixed-focus lens targeted at a young audience and sold in toy and stationary stores. The aperture is controlled via a three-step ring (for bright light, medium light, poor light indicated by icons). A few toy-camera users have adopted this model.

Power EL

The Power EL is probably a follow up, for the most only in name[1].

Meikai EL 204

With the Meikai EL 204 a flash cube socket was added.

Meikai EL 304

The Meikai EL 304 is a follow up of the EL 204. Only black models are observed[1].
The lens might be different[1] as the lens ring now has the extra text "Optical glass with UV Filter" added.

Meikai SL

The Meikai SL is yet another version of the EL. The topcover is still stepped and it is also observed in an all black finish. The rewind knob was modernized.

Meikai ELX

The Meikai ELX , introduced c.1965, is a successor to the Meikai EL, the topcover is now straight and it was also available in black finish[2].

Meikai GT

The Meikai GT, looks very much the same as the Meikai ELX but got rid of the fake selenium-cell and added a more luxury looking chrome rewind knob.

Meikai ST

The Meikai ST, looks very much the same as the Meikai GT but shows even more luxury chrome components. Also the shield around the viewfinder seems to be modernized.


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