Mamiya DSX 500

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The Mamiya DSX came in two models, the DSX 500 and the DSX 1000. Both offered a choice of TTL averaging or spot metering, selected with an A/S switch alongside the lens mount. The numerical model designation referred to the fastest shutter speed offered by each; and the DSX 500 also lacks the self-timer found on the DSX 1000. "Mamiya/Sekor" is the brand engraving on US-market cameras.

The related MSX 500 and MSX 1000 were similar cameras, but only offering the spot-metering option. All these models used the SX series of Mamiya 42mm screw lenses. SX-series Mamiya lenses have a lens mount lock (unlike previous Mamiya threaded lenses) and a mechanical pin which transmits the f-stop information to the camera, enabling open-aperture metering.