Mamiya DSX 1000

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Like the Mamiya MSX series, the Mamiya DSX also came in DSX 500 or DSX 1000 models, the number corresponding to the top shutter speed. The "D" version offered either averaging or spot light-metering patterns, selected using the S/A switch alongside the lens mount. (The "M" versions had only spot metering.) "Mamiya/Sekor" is the brand engraving on US-market cameras.

All these models use the SX series of Mamiya 42mm screw lenses, which have a lens mount lock (unlike previous Mamiya threaded lenses) and a mechanical pin which transmits the f-stop information to the camera, enabling open-aperture metering.

Mamiya also offered a black variant, called DSX 1000B. It features a shutter release lock, which can not be found on the silver-colored MSX/DSX models.