Mamiya MSX 1000

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Mamiya offered two 35mm SLRs circa 1974, designated as either MSX 500 or MSX 1000 (for either 1/500 or 1/1000 as fastest shutter speed). Both have TTL spot metering, measuring a rectangular area shown bracketed at the bottom of the viewfinder image, with a needle visible in the viewfinder. The MSX 1000 offers a self-timer, not found on the MSX 500. The flash sync speed is 1/60 sec.

These models use Mamiya SX lenses, an elaboration of the 42mm screw mount adding an aperture coupling pin for open-aperture metering.

Sears sold a version of the MSX 1000 branded as TLS 1000 MX. The DSX series were related models offering switchable spot vs. averaging meter patterns.