Mamiya MSX 500

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The MSX series of 35mm SLRs was released by Mamiya in May 1974, in two versions: The MSX 500 and the MSX 1000. The number in the model designation indicates the top shutter speed, as had been the case with Mamiya's earlier TL/DTL series. Once again, the "500" version also lacks the self-timer found in the top model.

These cameras use the SX series of Mamiya 42mm screw lenses. The SX series has a lens mount lock (unlike previous Mamiya threaded lenses) and a mechanical pin which transmits the f-stop information to the camera, enabling open-aperture metering.

The MSX models offer TTL spot metering, measuring a rectangular area shown bracketed at the bottom of the viewfinder image, with a needle visible in the viewfinder. These were followed by the related DSX series which offered dual spot or averaging light meters. The MSX flash sync speed is 1/60 sec. An optional clip-on flash mount was available for cameras without a hot shoe. The battery required is one MS76 or equivalent.