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The Holga 120N is a toy camera that uses medium format 120 film and introduced by Universal Electronics ( Holga ) around 2003.

It improves upon the Holga 120S in many respects by having interchangeable film masks that support both 6×4.5 and 6×6. The lens is the same plastic 60mm f/8 design from previous Holgas. There are four positions to the focusing, 1m (single), 2m (trio), 6m (group) and 10m-inf (mountain). There are two setting for the shutter speed; N (1/100) and B (bulb). This can be adjusted on the base of the camera lens. There are two settings in aperture but they both function as f/8. There is now a tripod bush beside the shutter speed selector. The camera back still uses a red window with a vertical slider to choose number of exposures. The 120 film spool chamber now has a bit of foam to improve film tension.

In 2009, there are two working aperture settings at f/11 (sun) and f/8 (cloud / flash). The previous variations do have the sun aperture setting switch but did not function.

A glass lens version is available called 120GN. This replaced a version called WOCA 120G. The flash version is called 120FN this replaced a version called Holga 120SF. The 120CFN is the colour gel flash version. The glass lens version of the flash and colour flash versions are called 120GFN and 120CGFN.

Around 2007, a Jack version of the 120CFN was released. Jack is in reference to the musical duo "The White Stripes". A Meg camera was also released at the same time based on a Lomography LOMO LC-A+.

In November 2015, Holga camera manufacturing had ceased production. At the end of 2016, a company called Sunrise is currently manufacturing the Holga 120N.


Holgas originally came in black, but many users decided to personalize them in different colours. Holga decided to paint them in different colours and later even offered special edition colours. Freestyle Photo their US distributor decided to offered coloured versions called Holgawood. The Holga Glo 120N was released in Infra Red, Aura Orange, Solar Yellow and Ultra Violet colours. In 2011, for the 30th Anniversary additional colours was released in Electric Blue, Neon Green, Fuscia Fusion and Orange burst.


120N 120FN 120CFN 120GN 120GFN 120CGFN
Lens plastic glass
Flash X O O X O O
Color flash X X O X X O
Shoe O X X O X X