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The LOMO LC-A+ is a 35mm compact camera produced by Lomography in 2006 based on the original LOMO LC-A.

The LC-A+ is made in China. It is nearly identical to the original, but has improvements including multiple exposure, increased film speeds to 1600 ISO, a cable release compatible shutter button and front threading for accessories. The initial LC-A+ had the same Minitar lens that was made in Russia by Lomo, but versions released in 2007 and later had lenses made in China as standard. Cameras with the Russian made lenses are still available as the LC-A+ RL.

The LC-A+ lacks the zone focus markers in viewfinder and the aperture setting option of the LC-A. With a flash installed according to the manual the shutter fires as if no flash were present with the flash only being triggered when the shutter begins to close (so called "second curtain flash").

In 2011 Lomography introduced the LOMO LC-Wide based on the LC-A+ but with a ultra wide angled 17mm Minigon 1 lens. This featured just 2 focus ranges (0.4-0.9m and 0.9m-infinity) but allowed a range of frame sizes at film loading.

In 2014, a 120 film version became available called Lomography LC-A 120.

LC-A+ specification

  • Lens: Chinese Minitar lens 3 element 32mm 1:2.8
  • Angle of View: 63 degrees
  • Focus: Zone focus 0.8, 1.5, 3m and infinity
  • Shutter speed: 1/500 to unlimited
  • Film speed: 100-1600ASA
  • Film Display window on rear door
  • Batteries: 3x LR44 or 3xA76 button cells
  • Threaded for cable release & Tripod
  • Multiple exposure switch
  • Flash: X-synchronised hotshoe mount

LC-Wide Specifications

  • 17mm Minigon 1 ultra-wide-angle lens 1:4.5
  • Angle of View: 103 degrees (full frame)
  • Focus range: 0.4m to infinity
  • Focus: 2 zones 0.4-0.9m or 0.9m-infinity
  • Shutter speed: 1/500 to unlimited
  • Film speed: 100-1600ASA
  • Multiple exposure switch
  • Changeable framesize at film loading only
  • Frame sizes: Full (36x24mm), Square-frame (24x24mm), Half-frame (17x24mm)
  • Tripod & Cable release threaded
  • Flash: X-synchronised hotshoe mount


  • LC-A+ RL Russian Lens
  • LC-A+ 25th Anniversary Edition
  • LC-A+ Gold
  • LC-A+ Silver Lake
  • LC-A+ Russia Day
  • LC-A+ No Nukes
  • LC-A+ White Edition
  • LC-Wide


  • LC-A Instant Film Back+ Fuji Instax mini
  • LC-A+ Fisheye adapter
  • LC-A+ Krab underwater housing
  • LC-A+ Ringflash
  • LC-A+ Splitzer
  • LC-A+ Wide Angle lens