Vrede Box

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The Vrede Box is a camera for making 6x9 cm exposures on 120 film manufactured by Vredeborch, starting circa.1949. This model was the basis for many name variations, such as the Vredeborch Slomexa and Regia Box.

The camera has a single-element, fixed focus f/8 meniscus lens. Pulling out the topmost tab on the side of the camera moves a smaller aperture stop of /f16 behind the lens, suitable for full sun. The control on the front of the camera, below the lens, switches a yellow filter into place, to enhance the appearance of clouds in black & white photos.

The simple self-cocking shutter has a speed of approximately 1/30 sec., but may be switched to "bulb" by pulling out the lever directly above the shutter release. There is a hole beneath the shutter lever for a cable release, and at the bottom there is a shutter locking lever.