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Tahbes - an acronym for "Technisch en Algemeen Handelsbureau Brokmeier en Steegers" was a Dutch camera company, founded by J. B. Brokmeier and a colleague called Steegers in 1945. They were based in Kon. Willhelminalaan, Voorburg, near The Hague. The company lasted until 1957.


  • Synchro[1] Unpainted, shiny metal-bodied camera with simple lens and flash-synchronised 'T'-and-'M' shutter on telescoping lens-tube; unusual Albada finder.
  • Synchrona[2] Similar to the Synchro, but with body covering, three-speed shutter and three apertures.
  • Populair:[3] Painted metal body. Otherwise similar to the Synchro, but with a simple folding frame-finder and no flash attachment or synchronisation.


Dutch Companies (edit)
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  2. Synchrona (including Tahbes ad with factory address) in Hein Banken's Collection
  3. Populair offered for sale as Ebay item 182266741136, September 2016.