Canon TLb

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Canon's TLb is a 35mm SLR which updated their entry-level TL by adding open-aperture metering. This is accomplished by adopting the FD lens mount which had been introduced with the launch of the the F-1. (In the same way that the midrange Canon FT had been updated as the FTb.) Older FL-mount lenses can be used with stopdown metering. The TLb was introduced to the US market in 1972, and sold in Japan from 1976.

The TLb has TTL metering using CdS cells, powered by a mercury battery. As with the TL, this budget model only has a top shutter speed of 1/500 sec. and lacks a self-timer (the front lever only pushes inwards as a depth-of-field preview). Where the TL included Canon's easy-threading "QL" mechanism, the TLb omits it. The accessory shoe lacks flash sync contacts, where the later Canon TX would include a hot shoe.


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