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In 1975, Canon released the TX, which was a stripped-down version of the FTb, for export overseas. It was never sold in Japan.

The differences between the FTb and TX are:-

  • The TX has a centre-weighted averaging light meter, rather than the 12% partial metering of the FTb.
  • There is no metering switch, or battery check, and the meter appears to be constantly active.
  • The camera's stop-down lever, cannot be locked in the stopped-down position. It resembles a self-timer, but there is no self-timer function.
  • The horizontal-travel cloth focal-plane shutter has a lower top speed of 1/500th.
  • There is a hot shoe and single auto-switching FP and X flash sync PC terminal.
  • There is no Quick Load system, where the film is placed across the take-up spool and the back closed.
  • There is no mirror lock-up.
  • The shutter release is not lockable.

This model was preceded in 1974 by the very similar TLb, which omitted the hot shoe flash sync connection. A version of the TX with all-silver top deck controls was offered as the Bell & Howell FD35.


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