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Canon introduced the FT QL in March 1966, a year after the pellicle-mirrored Canon Pellix. Unlike the Pellix models, however, the FT QL had a normal quick-return reflex mirror (which could be locked in the up position) and offered stopdown TTL metering. The camera featured the FL mount, and could thus be used with FL mount and FD mount lenses (though FD lenses needed to be stopped down for metering like FL lenses). Standard lenses included the FL 58mm f/1.2 and the FL 50mm f/1.4 II, and possibly also the FL 50mm f/1.8.

The FTb released in 1971 was very similar (both functionally and aesthetically) to the FT QL, but was upgraded to the FD mount with associated open-aperture TTL metering, and a hot shoe flash connection.


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