Canon PowerShot G12

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The PowerShot G12 is a somewhat modest 2011 revision to the PowerShot G11 from Canon, retaining that model's 10-megapixel sensor and 5x zoom lens. As with the G11 and S90, the choice of a 10 megapixel sensor (thought to be a chip from Sony) emphasized good high-ISO performance, rather than escalating the "megapixel race" to which even the PowerShot G10 had succumbed.

With digital cameras increasingly doubling as video cameras, the G12 increased its video capture resolution to 720p HD, also adding stereo sound recording.

By this time, Canon realized that even devoted DSLR owners sometimes wanted something pocketable. Accordingly, they had introduced the smaller (and RAW-capable) PowerShot S90 and S95 as the enthusiast "shirt pocket" option.

The styling of Canon's enthusiast G series had always been somewhat "chunky," dating back to the original PowerShot G1 from 2000; so the G12 was marketed for its fuller feature set: An optical viewfinder; a longer zoom range (to 140mm in equivalent 35mm terms); a hot shoe accepting Canon system flashes; optional accessory lens barrels, etc. Thus the G12 also introduced dual front and rear control wheels, more commonly seen on full-scale DSLRs.


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