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The Superfekta is a folding TLR camera made by Welta in about 1932.[1][2] It was the predecessor of the Perfekta. It has a peculiar folding design to make it fit into a pocket. It takes 6×9 cm pictures on 120 film. Since this is not a square format, the back can be turned to take landscape pictures (the film chamber, bellows and struts all rotate together relative to the lens-plate and viewfinder): a similar turning back feature is found on the Cornu Ontoflex. The Superfekta also has a folding frame-finder on the left side of the film chamber, usable at eye level in either orientation.

The Superfekta has a Compur B 1-1/250s or Compur Rapid B, 1-1/400s shutter. The taking lens in some examples is a 10.5 cm f/3.8 Tessar; the viewing lens is then a 7.5 cm f/3.8 Weltaskop.[1][3][4] The viewing lens is shorter than the taking lens because the focusing screen is smaller than full-size, and is set further forward than the film chamber.

Other examples have Meyer Trioplan lenses, the taking lens being 10 cm f/3.8 and the viewing lens again 7.5 cm f/3.8.[5][6]


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