Rocca Automatic

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The Rocca Automatic was made by Montanus Kamerafabrik in 1954. It is called automatic for its crank film advance, which also cocked the shutter (not the case with the similar Montanus Montiflex).

Designations Model P and Model S refer to the style of focus control. The former uses a thumbwheel at the top of the lensboard; the latter a slider alongside it[1].

The Rocca Super Reflex may only be a name variant. A version was also sold by Wirgin as the Edixa 6x6


Its most distinctive feature is one way mirroring glass sportsfinder. The Rocca automatic has a Steinheil Cassar 80/2.8 taking lens. It is set in a Prontor-SVS 1-1/300s shutter.


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