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Note: a different Montanus Montiflex which lacks the curved bevel above the viewing lens is a name variant of the Montanus Delmonta.

The Montiflex is a 1956 TLR produced by Potthoff&Co (later Montanus Kamerafabrik) in Solingen, West-Germany. The most unusual characteristic is the focusing magnifier stored in the bottom of the camera. In this same space an extra roll of film can be stored.


Both the Montiflex's taking and viewing lenses are Plascanar 75/3.5 . It has a Prontor SVS shutter (b, 1-1/300s). Unlike other Montanus cameras, the Montiflex has an light value or LV scale on the taking lens. This system automatically changes the aperture when the speeds are changed.

It takes 6×6 pictures on 120 film. Transporting the film does not cock the shutter; it has to be set manually on the taking lens. Lenses accept push-on filters only; there's no filter thred or bayonet. The camera has a flash contact under the taking lens. There is however, no flash shoe present on the body.


  • Variations with 80/2.8 Steinheil Cassar exist.
  • The Ultraflex is a name variant
  • A version was sold by Wirgin as the Edixa 6x6


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