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Powershovel Ltd. is a Japanese distributor, design company, media producer and organization to spread lomography and kinds of film-based photography. It was founded in 2000 and is based in Tokyo where it has the Camera Cabaret shop. They use the brand SuperHeadz for their camera products. Powershovel became renowned on the camera market in 2008 for its design of a new TLR for 35mm film, the Blackbird, fly or BBF camera.

In Japan, it is also known as distributor of the Holga camera, Polga instant back, Seagull and Zero Image pinhole cameras. They also licence the brand AgfaPhoto for their film products. Their 35mm film is made in Japan by Fuji.




35mm film

  • AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 100
  • AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200
  • AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 400
  • AgfaPhoto CT Precisa 100 slide film

110 film

  • AgfaPhoto 110, 200ISO color print film


  • The Powershovel company homepage shows 'Under Construction' as of January 2024.