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The Last Camera is a simple 35 mm camera made in self-assembly kit form, sold under the Powershovel Superheadz brand. The body and almost all parts are of injection-moulded plastic. The camera is supplied with interchangeable 45 mm and 22 mm two-element plastic lenses. It has a single-speed shutter, with an effective speed of about 1/100 second with the 45 mm lens fitted, and 1/125 second with the wide-angle. It has a simple eye-level viewfinder. It has a thumb-wheel for film advance, and a knob with a folding crank for film rewind. The top incorporates an accessory shoe, but there appear to be no contacts to trigger a flash.

The Last Camera is designed with an awareness of cult simple cameras such as the Diana; it is supplied with two film doors, one equipped with a hole (with a sliding cover), specifically designed to leak light into the film chamber, for creative effect.

The camera measures 110 x 70 x 33 mm, and weighs 120 g with the wide-angle lens fitted.