SuperHeadz Wide and Slim

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The SuperHeadz Wide & Slim series are focus free 35mm cameras manufactured by Powershovel. They feature a 22mm wide angle lens, and are similar to the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim camera.

There are many colour variations including:

  • Black Slim Devil
  • White Slim Devil
  • Pink Dress
  • Yellow Peace
  • Blue Ribbon
  • Tomodachi AI (green)
  • Tomodachi YOU (yellow)
  • Tomodachi MI (blue)
  • Usagi Camel
  • Usagi Colorful (white with color accents)
  • Usagi Flower (pink)
  • Olive san (purple)
  • Kumo san (pastel blue)
  • Sakura san (pastel pink)
  • Kumagin (metalic silver)
  • Harikin (metalic gold)