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Japanese Bolta film cameras (edit)
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The Youngflex is a Japanese pseudo TLR taking 30×30mm exposures on Bolta film, made in the late 1940s or early 1950s and distributed by the toy maker Marusan Shōten. It is only known from an entry in Sugiyama.[1]


The Youngflex looks like a small TLR camera. It is identified by a YOUNGFLEX nameplate in front of the viewing hood. The film is advanced by a knob on the photographer's right. The taking and viewing lenses are fixed-focus, and the camera is actually a pseudo TLR. The aperture is adjustable, and Waterhouse stops are available from f/6.3 to f/11. The shutter only gives Bulb and Instant settings, switched by an index on the right of the lens (as seen from the front). It is tripped by a lever on the side of the front panel, on the photographer's right. The shutter plate is inscribed MARUSAN at the top and MADE IN JAPAN at the bottom, and has Marusan's logo at the top left: SAN inside a circle.


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The Youngflex is not listed in Kokusan kamera no rekishi.