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The Mickey 35 is a bakelite-bodied viewfinder camera apparently made by the Miki Camera Company of Tokyo in 1953,[1] Miki Camera Co. is impressed in the plastic around the lens.[2] However, it is possible this company name was adopted just for the Mickey 35: the Mikker 35, a rather similar but horizontal camera, has been seen with a box printed for the Mitui Company.

The camera makes 24 mm square images on Bolta film (unperforated 35 mm roll film). The camera is oriented vertically, the film passing upwards through the camera, and the viewfinder positioned above the lens. This is a Mikkor 42 mm f/8, with fixed focus and aperture stops f/8, f/11 and f/16.[1] The camera has a behind-the-lens shutter with just two speeds, 1/30 second and 'B', but this is synchronised for flash.

The character of Mickey Mouse is minimally associated with the camera; the name 'Mickey' embossed on the front, and a very small cartoon face moulded on the back.[1] McKeown states that the same camera was sold as the Cine 35 by Marusan.


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