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The Mikker 35 is a Japanese viewfinder camera for 24mm square exposures on Bolta-size film (unperforated film, 35mm wide).[1] The camera body is moulded from a Bakelite-like plastic, and the controls are in plated metal. It has a 42mm f/8 lens, which is fixed-focus (though it has a knurled barrel). It has an 'I'-and-'B' shutter. The shutter release button will accept an external ('Leica-type') cable release. It has a reverse-galilean viewfinder. There is a sliding cover for the red window, and a tripod bush in the base. The example seen has a serial number impressed in the lens facia, but since this is a plastic moulding, it seems very likely that all the cameras have the same number.

McKeown attributes the camera to the Miki Camera Company:[2] The Mickey 35, a similar but vertically-oriented camera with Mickey-Mouse mouldings, has this company name impressed around its lens. However, the example of the Mikker cited was sold with its box, which is clearly printed for the Mitui Company Ltd., Tokyo,[1] and it seems likely this is the maker's real company name.


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