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Botscura (talk) 20:01, 3 August 2015 (CDT)

Greetings and apologies

Hello, and may I add my human welcome to Botscura's robot one!

However, I must also make my apologies - I have reverted the change you made to categories on Rolleiflex SL66, Contaflex (SLR) and Kodak Instamatic Reflex. I understand that the existence of the sub-category Category:German 126 film SLR for just three cameras may seem silly: I'm not sure I would have created this sub-cat myself. However, if it is true that these three are German-made cameras, then if the sub-category exists, they should be in it. Certainly they shouldn't be in both Category:126 film SLR and the 'German' sub-cat. If you think we should delete the sub-cat, it would be best to start a discussion about that first: other editors will have opinions about it. Ideally, you might start such a discussion on the Talk page of the cameras, but it might be seen by more people in the discussion forum of the Camera-wiki Flickr group. Personally, I think there are other more important improvements that could be made. The category system has always been inconsistent and silly in places. If you know about these cameras, maybe you could add more details to one of the articles. Cheers!--Dustin McAmera (talk) 23:22, 26 August 2015 (CDT)

Hello, I'm a real camera geek and not a robot! And also my apologies for the changes I made, which you reverted. I don't know all the rules here. However, I don't see the point why the mentioned cameras can't be in both, category and sub-category. Anyway, I should have discussed this before and there are certainly more important things to do. I will look at the to-do list and see what else I can contribute. Cheers

However, I don't see the point why the mentioned cameras can't be in both, category and sub-category.
I guess the honest answer is only 'because that's what we've always done': a choice made by the founders of the wiki (years before I, or I think any of the current admins, got involved). Now, with over 8000 articles and at least 1000 categories (not including the 'image-by' categories that list what pictures we are using from each contributor), changing this policy consistently would be a big job, and we'd need to be sure we wanted to do it. Although I always add categories to pages as I work on them, I don't think they're very useful to wiki users, because the software that runs the wiki doesn't offer great searching tools (it would be good to be able to say 'show me all the Swedish AND all the Norwegian cameras', or 'show me French cameras that AREN'T 35 mm').
Categories have been discussed before: see That Community discussions page used to be a lively page.
There's also a Help page specific to categories: Help:Categories. At first glance, I think it could be a bit clearer...
Cheers!--Dustin McAmera (talk) 01:24, 27 August 2015 (CDT)