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My name is Christoph and I'm living in Germany. I was into photography almost my entire life, but always as an amateur. My first own camera was an Agfamatic 200, I used my father's Exa II a bit. When I was 16 I bought a Nikon EM and later other Nikon bodies and lenses. I did a lot of darkroom stuff and fancy experiments as well. For my own family we also bought some point-and-shoot film and later digital cameras. In 2010 I realised, that I already had quite a bit of photo gear and started documenting it. Other family members and friends also gave me their old film stuff as a gift and it became a small collection. From then collecting and research about the old stuff became my new hobby. I have been a fan of since almost its beginning and started contributing last year.

My main interest in collecting cameras are technical milestones (first occurence of a special technical feature in a camera, etc.). One focus is on 135-SLR from 1936 up to the early AF-area (1986), the other main part of my collection are small and small-format cameras. Actually, I'm looking after the early 1930ies up to the 60ies and all the small cameras which appeared over time. Unlike many other collectors I'm quite interested in production history, production numbers and economical details of the camera market in the past. You can read much more about this and my collection on my blog KniPPsen.

ToDo's (based on images I still have and will contribute)