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The Traveller was an attempt from Hong Kong to emulate a twin lens camera as a minimum-cost plastic model. It is a name variant of the Bioflex. It offers two viewing options, a reverse galilean eye-level finder, and a kind of oversized brilliant finder for waist-level viewing (almost like the big finder of the Ensign Ful-Vue). But the camera's finder lens is not focusable, and the camera lacks the ground glass screen of a true TLR.

Another minor reason to classify it as a "pseudo TLR": Its plastic lenses are not twins. The finder lens is a "Reflex Double lens" (double lens maybe meaning achromatic?), and the camera lens is a focusable "Super lens". The limited set of apertures f11, f16 and f22 makes it more comparable to better box cameras like the Box Tengor. But the choice of two shutter speeds (1/25 and 1/50 sec., plus B) and the choice between the two finder types puts it at the upper end of the toy camera category.


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