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Tthe Bedfordflex is a plastic pseudo TLR for 127 film made in Hong Kong. Its generally flimsy construction and the presence of a marking "No. 152" on the bottom suggests it may have come from the same Great Wall Plastics Co. as the Diana [1]. The oddly-spelled Plasicion lens brand is also seen on some examples of the Diana De Luxe.

The Bedfordflex seems to be a twin of the Hong Kong-made Stellarflex, Wonderflex, Randorflex, Iloflex Splendidflex and Roskoflex. All are marked "f8 speed 1/50 sec.," have similar nameplates, and are billed as "double-lens reflex" cameras. But these are not true TLRs, as the lenses are fixed focus and the simple brilliant finder does not offer true reflex focusing.

Another very similar camera was the Ilfoflex, apparently used as a promotional gift by Ilford in 1961[2].

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